Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The falls at Redoubt Lake
Jeff pulling up fish in the dip-net
A little grizzly bear doing some fishing too

This weekend I had the unique opportunity of going sockeye fishing with Jeff Farvour, a longliner and good friend of Linda's. Right now the sockeye are migrating from their salt water feeding grounds to the fresh water lakes where they will spawn and die. We went to a waterfall where Redoubt Lake feeds into the ocean and Jeff used a "dip-net" to catch fish as they swam up the falls. There were fish jumping all over the place but it was still hard work to catch them. The bear pictured above seemed to be having no trouble however; we watched him for a while as he caught and ate fish after fish. Alaskans are only allowed to fish at Redoubt for subsistence purposes and many locals participate since sockeye is considered by many to be the most tasty sub-species of salmon.

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